What is this site all about?

Who are we?
We are a family based company in Kolkata.

What are we doing here?
We started in 2018, June. Some of our members got skills and interests in food and fashion. So
we thought to share this interest.
Thus we created giftkolkata.com. We all know how beautiful it feels if you receive or send gifts and that feelings doubles up if those gifts are unique or exclusive but reasonably priced.
So thats exactly our vision is “Allow everyone to share exclusive gifts from Kolkata in affordable prices”

Where are we now in the journey?
Not far. We have just started. Currently our site has more hand picked items than hand made. But we are sure you will love us, our things and our service. Thus we will grow in coming future very soon.

How can you help us?
You can anytime surprise anybody and get some more love if you share how comfortable you felt or how beautiful you looked when you wore a linen sari and present the same as a gift. Or just share a birthday wish and then send delicious black forest cake as birthday gift. Donot forget to love yourself and buy something just to please yourself.
So lets share love.
You can send us your blogs in bengali or english at giftykolkata@gmail.com and we will share it on our blog page.

Read our blogs at our blog page